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What is the first thing a customer notices as soon as they step inside a business? It’s not what meets their eyes but what meets their noses. In fact, one of the biggest factors contributing to the success of a commercial business is the way it smells. Customers do not want to get whiffs of dirty carpets, musty odors or unappealing smells while shopping. Moreover, no business wishing to maintain an excellent reputation would want customers telling their friends and family their bathrooms reminded them of “gas station bathroom”.

Commercial Buildings Cleaning Services

When business owners need their commercial buildings professionally cleaned, they always call Scout Cleaning for prompt, courteous service. Licensed, insured and bonded, Scout Cleaning is one of Denver’s leading cleaning companies providing janitorial and cleaning services for businesses and commercial buildings.

Scout Cleaning will also clean your restrooms from top to bottom, from sanitizing urinals and toilets to disinfecting sinks and countertops. We will polish bathroom sink fixtures, mirrors and perform deep cleaning procedures when necessary. We also vacuum carpets with industrial, high-powered equipment, clean breakrooms and lunchrooms and empty trash cans.

Health Advantages to Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Scout Cleaning uses only Green Seal Certified, Ecologo and Designed for the Environment products. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sponsors the Designed for the Environment program.

Cleaning products meeting Green Seal Standards are assessed from the life-cycle approach. In other words, the making of Green Seal products must incorporate non-toxic, raw materials that can be re-used and disposed of without harming the environment, people or animals.

We never use synthetic household cleaning products containing possible VOCs or other chemicals known to cause illness in sensitive individuals. Scout Cleaning cares about the health of your company’s employees, customers and your reputation as an upstanding and clean Denver area commercial business.

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