Denver Housecleaning Service Rescues Busy Households!

When is the last time you looked forward to dusting, vacuuming, mopping and taking out the trash after a long day at work? If you cannot remember a time, then you should consider hiring Scout Cleaning to clean your home for you.

Imagine always having a neat, dust-free, clean-smelling home without lifting a finger. Instead of spending hours staring at a mop bucket, dirty rags and bags of trash that need taken out, you could be having fun with your children or spouse or simply enjoying some much-needed “me” time. Your newfound freedom is only a phone call away.

Denver Housecleaning Services Provided by Scout Cleaning

Cleaning houses in Denver is what our bonded, professionally trained technicians love doing, really! Here tasks we can do for you so you never again have to “dread the mess”:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping all hard surfaces
  • Vacuuming carpeted rooms
  • Cleaning furniture (spot-cleaning, removing pet hair)
  • Dusting baseboards, blinds, wall decorations, light fixtures and other hard surfaces
  • Sanitizing light switches, door knobs and doorframes
  • Taking out and/or recycling trash and cleaning trash bins
  • Thoroughly wiping down the kitchen, appliances and polishing stainless steel when needed
  • Cleaning kitchen floors
  • Disinfecting toilets, bathtubs and shower stalls
  • Making beds (we change linen upon request)
  • Cleaning glass windows and mirrors

During your consultation appointment with us, we will go over all cleaning requests you make to ensure your home is exactly the way you expect it to be–clean from top to bottom.

Scout Cleaning uses only certified Green Seal products to clean houses in Denver. Eco-friendly products do not contain chemicals known to cause skin irritations, breathing difficulties or other allergic responses harmful to your health. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are also pet-friendly!

Call Scout Cleaning today to tell us how you want your house cleaned so you can start planning to fill up free time with family and friends.

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