Why Hire Scout for Residential Cleaning Services in Denver & Boulder, CO?

Residential cleaning focuses on places where people live–homes for single families, multi-story homes, condominiums, apartments and townhouses. With most families, relying on double incomes to pay bills, who has the time, energy or motivation to clean five or more rooms? Cleaning a dirty kitchen that has not been thoroughly wiped down in awhile means crouching to clean ovens, floors and underneath appliances. In addition, you will have to breathe in strong fumes all day long that could irritate your throat, eyes and skin.

Scout Cleaning is here to do all your residential cleaning tasks while you are at work or even on a much-needed vacation. Our cleaning technicians are trained, bonded professionals who will follow your instructions to the letter. Available anytime you need residential cleaning services, Scout Cleaning puts you in control of your cleaning goals by adhering to cleaning needs and concerns.

Deep-Cleaning Carpets is One of Our Specialties

Take a good look at your carpet after you have vacuumed. It looks clean, doesn’t it? You may have sprinkled powdery carpet refresher on it before vacuuming so now it even smells clean.

Unfortunately, your carpet is deceiving you. Even after excessive vacuuming, each individual carpet fiber still harbors smelly, dirty lurkers that want nothing more than for you to vacuum once or twice a week. That way they can keep clinging to your carpet’s fibers, contaminating you and your families living area, attracting more lurkers and reducing the life of your carpet.

These lurkers also have names:

  • Dust mites
  • Food particles
  • Pet dander
  • Allergens (pollen, dust, fungal spores)
  • Cigarette smoke

Let Scout Cleaning extend the life of your carpet, improve your family’s health and keep your home smelling fresh and clean by having professional carpet cleaning technicians remove stains and odors with eco-friendly solutions and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s the only way you’ll be sure to get rid of those stubborn carpet “lurkers”.

Start enjoying residential cleaning services by scheduling a consultation appointment with Scout Cleaners today!

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