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  • Scout Cleaning offers window washing in the Denver and Boulder areas. We wash windows by hand using only a squeegee system which results in a streak free window
  • Includes cleaning the window and removal of any cobwebs within the window frame
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Q) Are window tracks including in the free price quote?

Tracks are done at an additional cost as more time is required.  Our technician can give you a quote while on site

Q) Do you have a standard price for a house of my size?

It is really difficult to give a standard price quote because most homes vary in the amount of glass, ladder work, access to the glass, and styles of windows they have.

Q) How often should I clean my windows?

Some of our customers choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Generally, we recommend doing a full cleaning in the spring and an outside only cleaning with gutters in the fall.

Q) Do I need to be home for the window cleaning?

We prefer that you be home when we clean your windows primarily for employee safety and accessibility reasons. If for some reason you cannot be present during the scheduled time, we need to have some way of contacting you in case something changes.

Q) Do I need to remove my curtains?

Usually we can work around them, but if there is a problem, the cleaner will discuss solutions with you.

Q) Do you charge extra for paint, nicotine stain, silicone, vine, grease, or sticker removal?

Yes, we charge hourly to remove these materials and require you to sign a Liability Form stating that we are not responsible if the glass scratches during the cleaning process.

Q) My windows look foggy and/or there is moisture built up between them; can you get that off?

Although our experienced window cleaners are magicians with the squeegee as their wand, if it is in between your factory-sealed, double-pane windows, there is nothing we can do. You will most likely have to replace the glass.

Q) Are screens included in the price of the window cleaning?

Cleaning your screens is done at an additional charge as they take more time and attention.

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